The Subcontracting Trade Fair 2015

alihankinta_lehtosen konepaja
The Subcontracting Trade Fair presents the key areas of industrial subcontracting, namely the metals, electronics, plastics ...

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TOS WRD 150 machine assignment

Heikki Vapaavuori (left) and Aki Sainio (right) from Contos signed the new machine over to Erkki Lehtonen, CEO ...

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Changes in our contact information!

Lehtosen Konepaja - henkilökohtaiset suorat numerot poistuu
Dear customers and cooperation partners, we ask you to take notice of changes in our contact information. The direct ...

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Congratulations to Samuli Ryökäs for his retiremen…

The family business Siirtoruuvi Oy was founded in 1977, and its former owner, CEO Samuli Ryökäs turned the business ...

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